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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: I didn't get a verification mail when I Signed Up - Why?
   A: Sometimes the email ends up in your junk mail box. If you cannot find it there, contact us.

Q: Why should I use the category filter?
   A: We recommend you to use the category filter to make your links visible when people filter by category.

Q: Are my links visible on "All categories" if I select a specific filter?
   A: Yes! Unless you choose some of the 18+ categories.

Q: What is "Friends only" ?
   A: With Friends only checked you only share links among friends and you can only see friends' shares.

Q: Can I delete my shares?
   A: Yes, go to your Profile and click on the little garbage can to the right of the share that you want to delete.

Q: Can I delete a comment?
   A: Yes, to the right of your comment, hover the mouse under the timestamp and a little garbage can should pop up.

Q: Can I post a link on Today's Links?
   A: No, that is for Admins only. We pick out the most viral and acclaimed videos and pictures for our users to enjoy.

Q: What is the big note-box in Settings for?
   A: It's like a .txt-document that you always have access to. And you are the only one who can see it of course.

Q: Why is my Wall blank?
   A: Make sure you don't have any filters checked: Country, Category or Friends only.

Q: What does it mean when the clicks is in parentheses?
   A: It means that it has been shared before and that is the total amount of clicks it has got.

Q: My timestamps are not right? - Why?
   A: Check your settings and make sure you have the right GMT selected. Click on "GMT (hours)" in your settings to see which GMT you belong to.